Friday, January 19, 2007

Weird, I googled "Fashion" AND "Politics"

I guess everyone was wondering what I was wondering today....

New York Times' article "Speaking Chic to Power", published yesterday, asked basically, what does Pelosi wear to the House?

"Fashion authorities say Mrs. Pelosi should be applauded for her color choice (burgundy on Jan. 4, the day she was sworn in), her playfulness with jewelry (chunky, but tasteful, including signature Tahitian pearls) and her suit selection (from velvet to tweed), all of which can be imitated at a more affordable price by women who are not wealthy. Women are already taking note of her style; orders of Tahitian pearls have skyrocketed."

New York Magazine asked "How Chic is our Power", opening up the floor to some discourse on political style.

(Above, Pelosi in her Armani power suits; underneath: Christine Quinn, Amanda Burden, Diana Taylor, Helen Marshall, Iris Weinshall). These are all local (NYC) political powerhouses, and their style is identified by NY neighborhood.

Of Diana Taylor, State Banking Commissioner, Bloomberg's Girlfriend, "Taylor is the city politic's one true glamazon. It helps that she's tall and wears clothes well, but she also seems uniquely clued in to Fashion, capital F."

GLAMAZON. Should I try that next week? I love it.

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