Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Design at Work, Part Two

C, I had an amusing conversation about the proposed design of my company's legal-tech services division office plan in Boston, a well-respected braintrust in my company. (Please see blueprint above).

In response to my peers reacting to the proposed blueprints above, I tried to find some interesting design options for cubicles that would house these rowdy, hungry, child-like technology operations personnel happily for 12 to 15 hours a day. There is a really intersting article in the Birmingham Business Journal last month, called Modern design changing established cubicle culture, which has discussed the trends like lowering cubicle walls to permit interaction desk-to-desk, permitting the large office windows to be accessed by the entire staff in an open space, rather than reserved for senior principles in closed-door offices, intermingling senior staff among the people in their departments rather than keeping them apart, including open space with chairs and a rug, and so forth. It is about how today's business culture is in communication and the exchange of ideas and team-building rather than a hierarchal design approach.

This is what I found so far:


C said...

Who is Newy and what kind of ultra red powers are in his/her arsenal?

D said...

Newy apparently has xray eyes like Cyclops from the Xmen, Donkey Kong has a barrel, and most dangerous of all is Ace.

See how it is a combination floorplan - videogame?

C said...

Aha. Yeah, sort of behind in my videogame knowledge. Last videogame I ever played was pong - before my sister and I plugged it into the wrong socket and it exploded - 110/220 - who could keep up?

D said...