Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Roman Hol{l}iday

Roman Holliday. 1983. Happy high school days.

Roman Holiday. 1953. Gregory Peck. Audrey Hepburn. Eddie Albert. Happy Vespa.

This post was inspired, in part, by the rediscovery of a long-lost favorite on wexford girl.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Here come the babes...

I know, that sounds like the treatment for a typical beer ad.

But, hooray, suddenly everyone I know is blessed with a new addition to their family: James and Kay have Sofia, Pete and Elsa have Alisa, and Edu and Blanche have Luca Ysmael!!!

Three years ago, a similar thing happened -- everyone I knew (at least it seemed that way) was welcoming a new bundle into their lives. So off I went to happily purchase some japanese pattern books with the intention of sewing a few fashionable pieces for all the new bouncing babies. However, instead of pretty and dashing baby clothes sewn by my own hands, I resorted to store-bought toys, clothes, toys, and more toys.

This time I promise to put those pattern books to good use. And take a look at some of the images from these books -- just begging to be made...

From Makie Clothier designer, Yuji Ogata (who I've already raved about --Shims + Sons just recently blogged about the same book). (Book is pictured on the left.)

2004 ISBN 4-579-10996-1

{for Luca Ysmael}

{for Sofia}
2005 ISBN 4-309-28008-0

{for Alisa}

And, of course, extra bloomers for everyone!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Antonio de la Pedrera

Hi, D! I just wanted to let you know that this junior designer has a new design assistant! Meet Tonio (because we're close like that) de la Pedrera y Mila de Barthelona. He's great! Just spot-on design sense, and such a humble guy -- when we were choosing silk burlap for an armchair, he insisted that the focus be on the fabric and not on him! Oh, and he took me aside (so that the other designers wouldn't hear) and said that covering the armchair with burlap, even silk burlap, would make anyone sitting on it look like they were perched on a feedbag. Wow, I love that candor-- and so discrete!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Will be back soon...

Dearest D, here's a shot of Venice Beach for you. We'll get together soon, we will! In the meantime, I'm catching up with work and will start posting again as soon as my pile disappears (strategically hidden behind my laptop's screen).