Monday, July 30, 2007

Here come the babes...

I know, that sounds like the treatment for a typical beer ad.

But, hooray, suddenly everyone I know is blessed with a new addition to their family: James and Kay have Sofia, Pete and Elsa have Alisa, and Edu and Blanche have Luca Ysmael!!!

Three years ago, a similar thing happened -- everyone I knew (at least it seemed that way) was welcoming a new bundle into their lives. So off I went to happily purchase some japanese pattern books with the intention of sewing a few fashionable pieces for all the new bouncing babies. However, instead of pretty and dashing baby clothes sewn by my own hands, I resorted to store-bought toys, clothes, toys, and more toys.

This time I promise to put those pattern books to good use. And take a look at some of the images from these books -- just begging to be made...

From Makie Clothier designer, Yuji Ogata (who I've already raved about --Shims + Sons just recently blogged about the same book). (Book is pictured on the left.)

2004 ISBN 4-579-10996-1

{for Luca Ysmael}

{for Sofia}
2005 ISBN 4-309-28008-0

{for Alisa}

And, of course, extra bloomers for everyone!

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