Friday, January 19, 2007

LG Prada Phone vs. The Apple iPhone

Coolest new toys on the market, the web is abuzz today.

LG Electronics and Prada announced yesterday their collaboration to distribute a sleek, black new PRADA PHONE, to be distributed in Europe in February. Here is some of the press release's comments:

“We at LG are exceptionally proud of the PRADA Phone by LG” says Dr. Scott Ahn, President & CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. He continues, “The two companies have worked together seamlessly towards a truly shared vision, to develop one of the most beautifully stylish handsets the market has ever seen.”

Visiting LG Headquarters in Seoul, Korea, Mr. Patrizio Bertelli, President and CEO of PRADA, said: "As we do with ready-to-wear and accessories, we were looking at a break-through. Consistent with our approach, we are not branding an existing product; rather, Miuccia and I have been working with LG to give this new phone a very strong character and unique style, both in its contents and in its design. We, just like our partners at LG, are known for the attention to detail and uncompromising quality of our products. And we find these characteristics in the new mobile phone."

Macworld reports, "The Prada LG phone will go on sale first in late February through Prada shops in the U.K., France, Germany and Italy. It will cost around €600 (US$775). In March it will begin appearing in stores in Asia including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, said LG. A version for the Korean market is due out in the second quarter. LG has no plans to put it on sale in the U.S., said Judy Pae, a spokeswoman for the company in Seoul."

There's been some great commentary comparing the two phones, which are touchscreen, sleek black, have cameras, can play music, store and display pictures....fancy.

My favorite blurb yet was from Technology News: "Like the iPhone, the Prada phone has a touch screen and a camera. Like the iPhone, it plays music and videos and it can show documents. Yet unlike the iPhone, the Prada phone doesn't allow use with a full-featured Web browser through common WiFi networks....[F]or all its smoothness and flatness, the Prada phone is an orange and the iPhone is -- you guessed it -- an Apple."

Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg?


C said...

Although undeniably sexier than the iPhone, I fear the LG Prada is a step in the sanriofication of Miuccia's empire. Will the signature triangle logo or Miu Miu's face on toast not be far behind?

D said...


D said...

(OH, by the way, I got the "Pervinca" Prada backpack today, I love it....)

C said...

Oooooh. I saw that on your blog. Very nice. Or as they say in big design firm: chic.