Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Years ago, I thought a good name for a design blog might be "house of glass" or, when feeling frou frou, "maison de verre," after the modernist residence built in 1920's Paris by Bijvoet and Chareau. The blog's focus was to be interior design and decorating, with a modernist bent. The name also referenced the act of observing, through imaginary glass walls, the environments people created for themselves while at home. But that sounds borderline creepy, 'no?

With Disenyo, D and I talk and obsess like old times. As D explains it: Disenyo is tagalog for "Design" (a derivation from the spanish word DiseƱo). ... So, on Disenyo, we're going to explore design from our New York and San Francisco sensibilities and discourse our ideas old-friend-to-old-friend.... So here we go, as we talk about our latest design fixations in the worlds of art, architecture, crafts, design, fashion, food, and technology. And Hello Kitty, we're always going to talk about Her Highness.

Photo from wikipedia, uploaded by Kowloonese in en.wikipedia.

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