Thursday, March 8, 2007


I tried not to be rude and attempted to avert my gaze, but on the train ride home I couldn't stop staring at this man. To be precise, I couldn't stop staring at his boots, which were fierce! Utilitarian and fierce. With generously proportioned felt uppers and chunky rubber slip-ons for bottoms, they look like they came from the anime wardrobe department. This is what I found:

“Nyet” to cold feet! Military historians attribute the Russian army’s battlefield victories after opposing Napoleon and while fighting in Stalingrad to the Russians´ superior winter uniforms, notably their traditional Valenki, the felted 100% wool boots. The authentic Valenkids comes without a rubber sole and is just perfect to walk on the snow in subzero temperatures. Add Galoshi, which is a removable rubber overshoe and you can wear them on city streets in rainy weather. Another variation of Valenki comes with an integrated rubber sole. These are just perfect for any kind of environment and weather.

I guess I missed last year's coverage, but there was a fair amount written about Valenkis Rus, which imports the purportedly peasant-designed boots from the land of the tsars. I wonder how popular these boots will get? Will a payless version not be far behind?

Images from the Valenkis Rus website.

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D said...

Those are excellent boots! That's what I miss! Riding the subway or walking down the street and seeing all that swank fashion!