Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Halo-Halo on a cold winter's night...

(Some thoughts for C while she sips her hot chocolate in snow-covered NYC. Look, they put Corn Flakes in it too.)

This is what I ate at the Bohol Beach Club, where we jetted the last weekend before coming back to the States. Here's a recipe for the Philippine's National Dessert. For more information, see this great little article I read on the shaved ice, milk and fruit concoction.

Halo-Halo Recipe

2 tablespoons kaong or...2 tablespoons nangka (jackfruit)
2 tablespoons macapuno (a variety of coconut meat sold in bottles)
2 tablespoons sweetened kidney beans
2 tablespoons sweetened garabanzos
2 tablespoons sweetened plantains
2 tablespoons ube or yam
2 tablespoons custard or creme caramel
2 tablespoons sweetened corn kernels
crushed ice to fill glass
2/3 evaporated milk
a scoop of ice cream on top

1 comment:

C said...

With the cornflakes, I think this qualifies as breakfast food. Breakfast of champions. To fortify us, we'll have that every morning when you're here.