Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spring Blooms at Posie

I walked past Bloom today, admired the costly pretty things, and ran straight to the corner grocer for my own more affordable blooms. It is unfortunate that those of us who live in the city often have to pay for fresh flowers, but imitation flowers in vases just don't cut it. Having grown up with a mom with a thriving orchid nursery, fake flowers in a pot or a vase still make me wince.

There is, however, a kind of synthetic bloom that I love, and those are Alicia Paulson's boutonnieres and barrettes. Ms. Paulson makes her blooms from a variety of fabrics, all rich in color, pattern, and texture, and with a flair that produces such charming beauties. Pin the boutonnieres to your scarf, lapel, or bag (I've ordered one boutonniere, but I'd like to order more to pin to my plain white drapes when tied back - maybe for that special dinner party one of these days). The barrettes are great for keeping your tresses off your face and in place (unless in place is in your face).

Pouf Boutonnieries from Posie Rosy Little Things

Blossom Barrettes from Posey Rosy Little Things

There's more to see and admire at Posie, including bags, stuffed animals, scarves, and crochet patterns and kits. An innovator, Ms. Paulson was one of the first to offer the now ubiquitous open chain capelets. (The capeltes are no longer for sale, but the pattern is still available.)

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D-in-SanFran said...

As you say, Bloom is the most fantastic fresh flower design store in the universe. I am so inspired by their bud arrangements because I have mostly lived on my own in tiny apartments, so obviously the large displays don't work.

I dig the beautiful Posey Barrettes and Boutonniers...have you gone into Grand Central, tho, and seen Flowers on Lexington just as you enter the Grand Central Produce Market? It's a dried flowers arrangement boutique and it really is fantastic, (I'm sure you've seen the place.)