Monday, May 12, 2008

Bklyn Designs 2008

I spent the past week running around with a childhood friend searching for her new apartment for when she, her husband, and their daughter move here next month. Seeing beautiful apartments, rat holes, former rat holes in the midst of renovation, and the Carnival that is the Manhattan Apartment Search put me in the right head for this year's Bklyn Designs.

After seeing so many bare white walls for rent, I swooned over all the innovative designs for wall coverings at this year's show.

From ASTERISK DESIGNS, handmade venetian plaster wallpaper:

and venetian plaster, which is marble dust and wax, on burlap

From POST LOGIC STUDIO, William Morris-inspired patterns using animal motifs. (Their wallpaper collection will be debuting on their website in August.)

And I think I'm going to order these beautiful wall decals from dVider.

Sinotique's beautiful bamboo wall just took my breath away. Check out their other pieces here.

And even though this piece had nothing to do with a wall, I did fall in love with Palo Samko's wooden bird mobile

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Watchdog said...

Thank you Very Much ! for posting my bamboo wall on your blog. The wall now resides in a private residence in East Hampton , NY
Jan Lee