Tuesday, May 13, 2008

2008 BD+ [Brooklyn Designs: Design Accessories Market]

This is the second year of BD+ -the design accessories market at Bklyn Designs. Last year's market had ventilation problems, and I remember visiting on a particularly humid day. This year the market was at the Tobacco Warehouse, under a tent on the grounds of the Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park. I loved the location! But that's me, I'm not too sure the BD+ exhibitors appreciated the chill.

The weather gave my friend Sveta of Pip-Squeak Chapeau a chance to model her shoulder warmer, which she was wearing when I stopped by her booth to say hello. Sveta continues to create her charming folk-infused clothing, home and fashion accessories, and has even started making dolls. Hardly civil wrongs, these torts are the epitome of right and grace.

I loved browsing through Lotta Jansdotter's booth, which I left empty-handed not because I couldn't find anything, but because I was overwhelmed with all the choices! Lotta is the master of nature-inspired minimalism, and I'm a big slobbering fan. Some favorites: the Echo Cushions and the Cross Apron.

It was great to see Tina Shoulders of Laidback Home. I loved her collection at last year's market, and I continue to admire her collection of street-inspired home accessories. Only Tina's sense of play and obvious design talent can bring us patterns made from breakdancers and skulls. And her collection is expanding! Be sure to check her site for her upcoming bedding collection. I suggest a future expansion into wallpaper - but then, I may be biased as I am a wallcoverings nut (see previous post for evidence of wallcoverings-affliction).

New York Design Week starts on Saturday!

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