Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Sending sincere wishes for a peaceful, happy, and healthy 2008! A new year's resolution: to get started on the million projects I have planned and to post them on disenyo as they evolve and are ultimately realised.

D, it was so nice to see you and catch up - gossip, observations, recollections, and laughter - you with your wine and me with my diet coke. Sohini and Arka.


rashida said...

Happy New Year!
Mmmmm.....Meeeeerceeeer Kiiitcheeeen. Yum. ^_^

D-in-Beantown said...

Happy New Year, Cands!

Republic of Candy said...

Happy New Year, Rashida! Week two already! I can't believe it!

D!!! Yay, back in NY in two! Yipee!