Sunday, January 13, 2008

D-in-Beantown's Shopping Diary

Saturday - Boston's Newbury Street.

Newbury Street, arraying off the Southwest corner of the Boston Public Gardens, is Boston's Fifth Avenue, where you can walk through Chanel, Burberry, Intermix, and see high-end glitz and glamour. It's where the high-end hairstylists and expensive perfumeries line up and hawk their offerings.

12:30pm: Hopped the T, walked from Chinatown, across the Commons, through the Public Gardens...a couple of thoughts in my head.

I was in need of updating my jeans. I checked out some of the fancier styles, but I'm an unusual petite, so these ultra-long pant leg things for $250 bucks isn't going to work for me.

1:30: I always find myself at the Gap, and ran away with a couple pairs of their higher-end dark-rinsed straight legs with stretch denim. Rules: lowrise, slim fit, straight leg opening, indigo-grey with faded leg.

2:00: Cole Haan's. DEFINITELY HIT THAT BI-ANNUAL SALE! I mean it.

The Air Genie Ballet...mine, mine, mine. Ballet flat with NIKE AIR Technolgy in metallic kidskin with brass ornamental buckle. Fully leather lined. Fully padded leather-wrapped sock lining. Flexible, lightweight rubber sole.

2:30: Picked up soap from Sabon, they were giving some samples that smelled like.... I don't know, they make the smoothest, creamiest almost want to eat it.

Went home satisfied.

Sunday - Boutique hunting in JP.

10:30: Breakfast on Center Street in my own J.P. My neighborhood in Southwest Boston is full of historic mansions, and surrounded by green parklands designed by America's first urban landscape artist, Frederick Law Olmstead (1822–1903), who defined the Boston landscape when he designed the Emerald Necklace, the park system that runs through Boston. He is also responsible for the grandeur of Central Park in Manhattan.

Center Street is lined with antique stores, casual restaurants, and amazing boutiques. Like Berkeley, Park Slope Brooklyn and Sausalito, the offerings are artisan - jewelery, hats, scarves, purses, t-shirts....

11:30: Tried to get a haircut and touch up the golden tresses, but it was closed. My stylist at Fresh Hair on South Street was a wizard at the long layers, and evening out my thin-crown, clumpy locks at the end thing that is going on. I was bummed.

11:45: Street hat shopping at Salmagundi, an indie hat-shop 2 blocks away. A great young couple opened the place on my street in October, and have been hailed as the best in the city, greatest selection, knowledgeable in the urban headgear industry, and a pleasure to chat with. They're throwing a little party for the new restaurant that is opening next door.

Love the scarfs, the gloves, the belts, and clutches.... The owners tipped me that the new 2008 Spring purses will be in stock in 2 weeks. The fact that they are 2 blocks from my house may mean I need to start bartending to make some extra cash.

Left today with a Grace Hat, in white, red and green, to go with my new winter down coat. There is a storm hitting the Boston area tomorrow after all! Another foot of snow? I needed a new hat.

12:00: Fire Opal. What can you call Fire Opal...I guess it's like those California boutiques that sell artisan creations: housewares, jewelry, clothing, scarves, accessories....

I kept something behind the counter 2 days ago, and Steve, the owner, called me with a reminder that it was time I came and got it.


Fell hard for their Presh belts, vintage silk fabrics incased in an antiqued buckle, with soft leather hand-dyed belt. Mine is a yellow silk with small chinois flowers, and the belt is dyed a very deep brown to go with jeans and work clothes.

Went home.


It's more fun shopping in JP, and dangerous, because you get to know the owners. It's too easy to stop in for a look and leave $300 poorer. Seriously.

You buy into the whole artistic sensibility and their casual boutique familiarity.

While you can say NO! on Newbury, or Fifth Avenue, or Market Street in San Fran, here, your defenses are lower. I mean, mine are.

Spring accessories notes: C, I am feeling that Southern California - Hollywood Glamour meets Cowgirl Soul thing. I am seeing my belt go with turquoise boots, tank tops and chunky necklaces....

More on that later.

For a peek, check out Zoey Willow's online boutique.

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Republic of Candy said...

D, I just checked out that link, the Southern California - Hollywood Glamour meets Cowgirl Soul - and WOW! You know me, I mostly dress like I'm joining the priesthood or hiding away in a nunnery :)
That belt buckle is absolutely beatiful! Great idea!