Wednesday, September 17, 2008

MUJI fits in my apartment!!

So...I need this bed. Seriously. [I suffer from "small apartment" syndrome. My studio is "Tokyo-sized."]

Is it at the flagship Muji Store on 42nd Street? Sigh....

“Because there is complexity in purity. Elegance in plainness. Intricacy in streamlining. Richness in reduction. Depth in minimalism. Surprise in uniformity. Innovation in re-use. Cool in the avoidance of cool. And there is true sophistication in simplicity.”

Literally translated, Mujirushi Ryohin, MUJI’s original name, means “no brand quality goods.” I heard they put labels on everything the minute they hit the Big Apple!!

Thoughts, Candy?

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Republic of Candy said...

I've only been to the soho location, which does not carry much furniture. Hmmm, let's lay tape on your floor for the outline of each piece you're considering and see whether it makes sense for the space.