Friday, June 13, 2008

minä perhonen SS08 + minä perhonen books

I've been remiss in not publicly obsessing over minä perhonen's current collection. So let me make up for that.

Akira Minagawa is Master of the Fabric Universe. Did you happen to see the three-part series of his work?

Each volume is £25 at Selvedge. For those outraged, I saw them at the Bryant Park Kinokuniya for a friendlier $25.

And so I can say I'm not falling behind, here's a look into the AW08/09 collection.


Susan said...

Those are lovely prints, he a master. Have you bought any of the books yet?

Republic of Candy said...

Hi, susan! Not yet - if I had known about this series at the time, I would've forgone that copy of 'vedge and picked up vol. 1 (haha, bitter!).