Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hardware Notes

Pictures above and immediately below from Pottery Barn - Small Spaces.

C, you know my moving history. Having spent several years in less than 200 sq. ft. (it did have a killer corner view over Manhattan, in a building that filmed Spiderman, the X-files, Superman, Batman, and many others), I moved out west for a few months and enjoyed a glam view over San Francisco Bay from a 500 sq. ft. multi-room pad with crown molding, hardwood floors, bay window, full kitchen, dining room, and foyer (not to mention closet space that was so big I didn't need a bureau). But the story continues...

For many reasons, I chose to leave my lovely Russian Hill view and hit it back east, this time Boston-Beantown. I wanted to stay in Boston itself and have been pricing some great apartments in fascinating historical neighborhoods that are still within walking distance to my new office.

But the challenge is returning to what will probably be less space. Um, 350, maybe 400 if I am super-lucky. And a one-room studio with a kitchen just sort of part of the wall. Maybe. So, how do you make 400 sq. ft. look like 1,200 sq. ft.? I thought I would research some room divider possibilities...

Check these out:

Ceiling Mounted Hardware, at Pottery Barn (right). It lets you get some curtains and partition a room with some really pretty fabric, straight down from the ceiling wherever you feel like hiding something (like a full-size bed).

Even JC Penny has their ceiling mounted curtain rod hardware starting at $14.99 (picture above left, used as a canopy over the bed). I think I'm going to need some help when I move back east. :-D

Some other cool hardware was this great Wire/Cable Rod Set by Mt. Drapes:

Designed to be mounted on the inside of the window jamb or on facing walls, the cable rod system is custom fit when installed. A hint of Nickel or Brass: a curtain rod system that makes the world feel a little smaller and the view seem larger. Recommended for light weight draperies only. Up to 16' of cable included. Easy installation instructions included.

I'm thinking about hiding my bed behind a long cool sheath of semi-transparent silk, or maybe some magnificent embroidered chinese cloth. I imagine long panels of amazing fabrics falling vertical from the ceiling, blocking out my unsightly bed-sitting-in-the-living room/kitchen/dining room.

What have you done?

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Republic of Candy said...

I've installed a track system with slides, which holds up the floor-to-ceiling ikea curtains that now separates the studio into distinct areas. I promise to post pictures as soon as I get up at a decent hour, morning being the best time to take pictures.