Sunday, May 13, 2007

Laidback at Brooklyn Designs

I had a chance to stop by Brooklyn Designs last Friday, and a wonderful discovery is Laidback. I was able to chat quickly with the line's designer, Tina Shoulders. Using hip-hop culture as her inspiration, her pillows are all silkscreened on 100% cotton denim and, in keeping with the theme, each finished with an exposed metal zipper. I always thought of denim and home design as mutually exclusive, but Tina might be changing my mind.

Unfortunately for the vendors located at 81 Front Street, which housed the design mart debuting at this year's show, the venue had ventilation problems that produced hot and humid conditions, resulting in lethargic shoppers. I'll be posting a few more discoveries from the show in the next few days.


D-in-SanFran said...

Design*Sponge didn't give the show a stellar review (ouch.) Did you see?

Republic of Candy said...

There were a lot of beautiful pieces, but this being Brooklyn, I was really expecting so much more. So I agree with her.